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Bass Carney CPA, PLLC

Bass Carney CPA, PLLC

Bass Carney CPA, PLLCBass Carney CPA, PLLC

Experience & Expertise


Bass Carney CPA, PLLC has an experienced team of accountants and consultants ready to assist you. Our firm has a breadth of knowledge and experience with personal, corporate, non-profit and international matters.

Bass Carney CPA, PLLC has a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff.  All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. The difference - CPAs are held to a higher standard.

CPAs are required to obtain a high level of education and pass a comprehensive examination in order to receive certification. They are also required to take continuing education meaning they are aware of current rules, regulations and best practices. Finally, CPAs are bound to a Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

We also have an Enrolled Agent (EA) on our team. An Enrolled Agent is the highest credential the IRS awards. Enrolled Agents have earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS.  

EAs are equipped to advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and any entities with tax-reporting requirements.  Like CPAs, EAs also have continuing education requirements to ensure they have the knowledge to effectively represent taxpayers who are being audited despite continually changing tax laws.